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8 Simple habits that help prevent diseases like cancer

 Cancer is a complicated, complex disease. Although the full facts in this regard are not yet known, it is known that several substances can cause cancer. This is influenced by genetics and family history, both of which are uncontrollable. However, there are some variables that you may influence, such your lifestyle choices, which have a big impact on cancer.

The majority of cancer instances, according to research findings, are brought on by causes that might be avoided. Therefore, educate yourself on the behaviours you might adopt to guard against diseases like cancer.

8 Simple habits that help prevent diseases like cancer
8 Simple habits that help prevent diseases like cancer

1)Stop smoking 

There are more than 250 dangerous compounds in tobacco. In fact, 12 additional cancers, including bladder, stomach, mouth, and throat cancers, as well as kidney cancer are all made more likely by smoking, which also increases the risk of lung cancer by around 70% of the chemicals in tobacco. also connected.

2) Fruit and vegetable consumption

 Fruits and vegetables are low in fat and high in nutrients, which helps fight cancer. In this context, cabbage and other varieties are regarded as particularly beneficial vegetables that protect DNA. Similarly, consuming berries is good for your cells and lowers your risk of developing cancer.

3) Manage your weight

 Additionally raising the risk of cancer is fat accumulation around the waist and abdomen. Studies have shown that when fat cells shed, chemicals are released that hasten the formation of malignant cells. Contrarily, maintaining a healthy weight aids in the prevention of several cancer forms.

4) Consuming very little red and processed meat 

Since beef and goat meat are excellent sources of iron, keep them in your diet in moderation and steer clear of processed meats. According to research studies, consuming 350 to 500 grammes of red meat per week is the recommended amount for a healthy, balanced diet; exceeding this amount may raise the chance of developing several types of cancer.

5) Make it a habit to exercise

 It is preferable to be physically active if you spend a lot of time sitting down in order to prevent different types of cancer. Exercise reduces the levels of numerous hormones, including oestrogen and insulin, and prevents fat. Numerous types of cancer have been connected to high amounts of these hormones. Try to get in 30 minutes of aerobic activity each day.

6) Aerobic exercise includes jogging, cycling, and fast walking.

 Don't forget to wear sunscreen. Skin cancer risk increases if you have to spend a lot of time in the sun's intense light. Use sunscreen when you go outside, especially on hot days, because of this. 

7) Ignore the alcohol

 Alcohol, like smoking, raises the risk of several cancers. In actuality, drinking alcohol at any level raises your risk of getting cancer.

8) Learn about the disease's family history.

 We receive a lot of things from our parents, including the potential for illnesses like cancer. Some genes that are passed down from parents to their offspring may have flaws that could eventually cause cancer. Although we have little control over this aspect, early detection can aid to some extent in preventing the disease or its repercussions.

 Note: Because this essay is based on information from medical journals, readers

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