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Norway demands that Meta pay a daily fine of Rs. 2 crore 79 lakh.

Norway demands that Meta pay a daily fine of Rs. 2 crore 79 lakh.

The sentence was imposed by the Norwegian authority.

Norway, a nation in Europe, fined Metta, the parent corporation of Facebook, 98,500 dollars (more than 279 million Pakistani rupees) each day for violating its customers' privacy. Datatilsynet, a data protection organisation in Norway, claims that Meta was informed on July 17 that failing to enhance its privacy policy by August 4 would result in a fine. According to the organisation, Meta is unable to collect data on Norwegian users.

It should be noted that Meta uses this information to provide users with targeted advertising.

Due to Meta's inability to take action in this area, Datatilsynet has ordered the business to pay a fine of 98,500 dollars every day since August 14. Before the regulator refers Meta to the European Data Protection Board to make the sentence permanent, Meta has until November 3 to pay the fine. A permanent ruling against Meta could be made by the European Data Protection Board. It should be emphasised that while Norway is a part of the European Single Market, it is not a member of the European Union. The social media corporation announced last week that it would ask EU consumers for their permission before using their data for targeted advertising.

According to a statement from Datatilsynet, this action by itself is insufficient and Meta must stop immediately analysing personal data until users' consent is gained. According to META, the regulatory authority stated that this step might take many months to accomplish; we do not even know what kind of process this will be, and people's rights will be abused every day. The European Data Protection Board penalised Meta for abusing user privacy before Norway, it should be emphasised. For sending customer data to the US, Meta was hit with a record-breaking €1.2 billion fine by the European authority in May 2023.

The top court of the European Union issued a ruling in 2020 prohibiting digital companies from storing the data of European consumers on US servers. Concerns have been raised by the court regarding the security of European users' data on American servers. To ensure that European residents' personal data was protected, European regulators put forth new regulations in December 2022, which were then the subject of talks with the US. The European Data Protection Board, however, found the social network company's steps to be insufficient and mandated that Meta be fined €1.2 billion in Ireland.

The social network business, which is being penalised, was accused by the Irish regulatory agency at the time of not taking into account the risks presented to people's fundamental rights and freedoms when it transferred data to the US. The firm, which is owned by Facebook, had five months to stop sending user data to the US and six months to stop collecting data there.

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