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How will the ceasefire understanding between Israel and Hamas be executed? Qatar's statement came out
The ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza has resulted in almost 2800 Palestinian martyrs.
The American company's spacecraft is ready to take tourists to space for the first time
Norway demands that Meta pay a daily fine of Rs. 2 crore 79 lakh.
The Russian President's announcement to provide free grain to six underdeveloped African nations.
Twitter users will be able to read how many tweets per day? Elon Musk announced a new policy
Russia can't win battle with Ukraine: US military boss
UK New work Visa policy for foreigners 2023
Chinese president goes against 'street stall  economy' in Beijing
Congress win in Karnataka, Modi concedes rout
Indian Air force Mig 21 Crashed today
In India's city of Amritsar, there has been a second blast nearby around the Brilliant Sanctuary, the heavenly spot of Sikhs, in a day and a half.
Canada Declares Immense Decrease in Visa Handling Time for Pakistanis